Palin: Single-handedly “takin’ down” big oil (by members of the Roosevelt Institution)

5 weeks later, she’s gotten a little more comfortable on the big stage. But it’s not enough.

Here we go, Palin on the economy. Sigh. “more and more revelation.” Was she talking about insight into the economic crisis or her religion?

“Toxic mess on main street affecting Wall St?” Really, Sarah? THAT’s a big slip.

Again, Biden points to Obama’s history of support for economic regulations and McCain’s record of supporting deregulation.

Ok, why is she allowed to switch the topic in the middle of the question? Answer the question, Palin. You could have responded to Biden’s attack of your man’s record. Avoiding because your team has something to hide?

Thanks, Gwen, for changing the topic to fit Palin’s talking points. Did she really just say she wants to ignore the causes? How are you going to solve it without knowing what started it? I’m talking about climate change and the “Drill baby drill” pistol-packing beauty queen doesnt have any interest in figuring out what caused it?

Biden: points out China’s contribution to dirty air and the delay in product from “Drill drill drill.” or wait. is it “Drill, baby, drill?” Ah, doesn’t matter, either way it’s still a bad idea.

“Raping” the land= drilling. I thought Palin didn’t believe that rape exists.


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