Same Sex Benefits in Alaska? (by members of the Roosevelt Institution)

what’s Palin going to say about this? She just said she has gay friends. Ok, coool. Biden didn’t “come out” for gay marriage. Sarah Palin smiles and agrees.

“The surge” is a “great” exit strategy. And Obama hates America. And Biden knows it. That’s what Sarah Palin just tried to pull. Let’s see how Biden responds. (I really dont like listening to her recite talking points about foreign policy).

Obama’s plan is in line with what Bush and Iraq are discussing now. Plus a timeline.

Palin “white flag of surrender.” When the Iraq people can govern themselves we’ll be finished. So never? Obama/Biden plan is clearly a plan to bow out gracefully, not stay from now until forever.

Biden better not bite. Sarah Palin is making personal attacks against Biden and she’s sounding like a whiny 10 year old. Stay the course, Biden. Don’t respond. You’re doing great.


1 Response to “Same Sex Benefits in Alaska? (by members of the Roosevelt Institution)”

  1. 1 D. Roberts October 2, 2008 at 9:48 pm

    Biden is doing great, but when he occasionally lapses into his old faithful “friend of everyone” routine (i.e. “God love him, I love John McCain, I always say how much I love him, but….”) it makes him look weaker.

    He needs to be firmer and, dare I say, get a little more aggressive, to compete with Palin’s vitriol.

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