Sit Down with Spain (by members of the Roosevelt Institution)

Pakistan and Iran, Nuclear potential, unstability: Biden really scored on this one. Showing his experience and understanding of the middle east, and yes, gasp the region’s history before we entered. Palin is struggling, but she pronounced Akmadinijad correctly. Brings up her great convo with Kissinger. People hate America? oh here she goes, women’s rights, human rights, democracy – other people hate our values? We have to bring our allies around.

Biden says we’re not listening to those allies Palin wants to bring along. McCain won’t sit down with Spain. What about canada?

Joe Biden in third person. Bush policy is an abject failure says Joe Biden. Palin is encouraged to know “we both love Israel.” But where has she gone? Maverick, ruffling feathers, American people – change is coming? I believe we were talking about Iran and Pakistan, Palin.

Biden has a great lymric going – power of repetition and then BANG McCain’s policy is the same as George Bush’s. Youtube that shit.

Nuclear: if we’re judging by pronunciation, she seems to be right on track with GW.

Biden, third person AGAIN. he loves that.

Biden is scoring big on these series, Palin’s just mouthing Republican campaign rhetoric. Palin, “not used to how you guys operate in washington” – all she has is GOP talking points, Biden knows he’s won this round, he hasn’t stumbled once. Lots of umms from Palin…


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