The Ultimate ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ (by members of the Roosevelt Institution)

We’re off to a good start – Biden brings up the past 8 years of failed policy… and Palin brings up McCain’s one instance of pushing for government regulation in 30 years of the senate.

Biden – McCain a flip flopper? Or just aged and out-of-touch. Palin – really greatest workforce in the world?? Track record of reform – TEAM OF MAVERICKS?? 96% of Obama’s votes on party lines..well McCain has voted with 92% of Bush’s policies. Maverick to the senate for NEW and DIFFERENT?

Called out – did not respond to the question…

Commitment to get rid of “corruption” by Palin – for who, you said Joe 6 pack and hockey moms?? Is that America? Oh sharp dip right there. Woah she’s rollar coasting now. Movin back up “never again will we be taken advantage of.” She nailed that one.

Biden – we let wall street run wild, Obama talking about regulation – McCain on over 20 occasions promising DEregulation. Asks Joey the gas guy about filling up gas – we need relief for the middle class now. We need tax relief for Americans – Palin agrees. But wait, what was the original question? Doesn’t seem to matter. She says Obama has voted to increase taxes – Biden’s right, he did NOT vote to raise taxes and McCain voted the exact same way. McCain voted 447 times to raise taxes. Called out – he’s starting to patronize here. Sharp but won’t even look at her. She’s on fire but ooops time is up.

Biden talking about fairness, he’s driving home the middle class right now, the “economic engine” of America. Palin – bringin up Main street again and on the defense. Details, details, details on health care – espousing republican values here – go against the state system, don’t pay your taxes? Biden needs to stay cool on this one. Starts on point one: redistribution, goes to the facts – 95% of business in America make less than $250,000, and on to health care – he too brings up the details…lots of numbers here, the audience seems to be lagging, he ends with a stinger “the ultimate bridge to nowhere” (think he read that NYTimes “Suspension Bridge to Nowhere” article last week.


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