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Third & Final Presidential Debate ’08 – Live Reactions

This is the thread for tonight’s final debate btwn John McCain and Barack Obama, moderated by the incomparable Bob Schieffer.

Treat this thread as a message board: comment freely and frequently! None of your reactions will be edited or changed.

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When you comment, please be sure to include your name. You have the option of being anonymous, but we believe it’s best to stand behind your opinions. Here we go! Let’s see if the candidates cook upany kind of last-ditch effort to grab votes before everyone heads to the polls… Nov. 4 is right around the corner!

Presidential Debate #2 — Live Reactions

Hi Middlebury,

Here is the thread for tonight’s second McBama debate. Treat it as a chat room: go ahead and comment freely and frequently! None of your reactions will be edited or changed.

To get to the COMMENT SECTION, you need to click the headline of this post.

When you comment, please be sure to include your name. You have the option of being anonymous, but we believe it’s best to stand behind your opinions. Let’s talk!

VP Debate Reaction Thread (by G.A.)

George here, co-president of the College Dems this year.

I’m now live-blogging, let’s make this post a sort of message board.

I have about 60 minutes of battery life… Palin looks nervous.

Sit Down with Spain (by members of the Roosevelt Institution)

Pakistan and Iran, Nuclear potential, unstability: Biden really scored on this one. Showing his experience and understanding of the middle east, and yes, gasp the region’s history before we entered. Palin is struggling, but she pronounced Akmadinijad correctly. Brings up her great convo with Kissinger. People hate America? oh here she goes, women’s rights, human rights, democracy – other people hate our values? We have to bring our allies around.

Biden says we’re not listening to those allies Palin wants to bring along. McCain won’t sit down with Spain. What about canada?

Joe Biden in third person. Bush policy is an abject failure says Joe Biden. Palin is encouraged to know “we both love Israel.” But where has she gone? Maverick, ruffling feathers, American people – change is coming? I believe we were talking about Iran and Pakistan, Palin.

Biden has a great lymric going – power of repetition and then BANG McCain’s policy is the same as George Bush’s. Youtube that shit.

Nuclear: if we’re judging by pronunciation, she seems to be right on track with GW.

Biden, third person AGAIN. he loves that.

Biden is scoring big on these series, Palin’s just mouthing Republican campaign rhetoric. Palin, “not used to how you guys operate in washington” – all she has is GOP talking points, Biden knows he’s won this round, he hasn’t stumbled once. Lots of umms from Palin…

Same Sex Benefits in Alaska? (by members of the Roosevelt Institution)

what’s Palin going to say about this? She just said she has gay friends. Ok, coool. Biden didn’t “come out” for gay marriage. Sarah Palin smiles and agrees.

“The surge” is a “great” exit strategy. And Obama hates America. And Biden knows it. That’s what Sarah Palin just tried to pull. Let’s see how Biden responds. (I really dont like listening to her recite talking points about foreign policy).

Obama’s plan is in line with what Bush and Iraq are discussing now. Plus a timeline.

Palin “white flag of surrender.” When the Iraq people can govern themselves we’ll be finished. So never? Obama/Biden plan is clearly a plan to bow out gracefully, not stay from now until forever.

Biden better not bite. Sarah Palin is making personal attacks against Biden and she’s sounding like a whiny 10 year old. Stay the course, Biden. Don’t respond. You’re doing great.

Palin: Single-handedly “takin’ down” big oil (by members of the Roosevelt Institution)

5 weeks later, she’s gotten a little more comfortable on the big stage. But it’s not enough.

Here we go, Palin on the economy. Sigh. “more and more revelation.” Was she talking about insight into the economic crisis or her religion?

“Toxic mess on main street affecting Wall St?” Really, Sarah? THAT’s a big slip.

Again, Biden points to Obama’s history of support for economic regulations and McCain’s record of supporting deregulation.

Ok, why is she allowed to switch the topic in the middle of the question? Answer the question, Palin. You could have responded to Biden’s attack of your man’s record. Avoiding because your team has something to hide?

Thanks, Gwen, for changing the topic to fit Palin’s talking points. Did she really just say she wants to ignore the causes? How are you going to solve it without knowing what started it? I’m talking about climate change and the “Drill baby drill” pistol-packing beauty queen doesnt have any interest in figuring out what caused it?

Biden: points out China’s contribution to dirty air and the delay in product from “Drill drill drill.” or wait. is it “Drill, baby, drill?” Ah, doesn’t matter, either way it’s still a bad idea.

“Raping” the land= drilling. I thought Palin didn’t believe that rape exists.

The Ultimate ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ (by members of the Roosevelt Institution)

We’re off to a good start – Biden brings up the past 8 years of failed policy… and Palin brings up McCain’s one instance of pushing for government regulation in 30 years of the senate.

Biden – McCain a flip flopper? Or just aged and out-of-touch. Palin – really greatest workforce in the world?? Track record of reform – TEAM OF MAVERICKS?? 96% of Obama’s votes on party lines..well McCain has voted with 92% of Bush’s policies. Maverick to the senate for NEW and DIFFERENT?

Called out – did not respond to the question…

Commitment to get rid of “corruption” by Palin – for who, you said Joe 6 pack and hockey moms?? Is that America? Oh sharp dip right there. Woah she’s rollar coasting now. Movin back up “never again will we be taken advantage of.” She nailed that one.

Biden – we let wall street run wild, Obama talking about regulation – McCain on over 20 occasions promising DEregulation. Asks Joey the gas guy about filling up gas – we need relief for the middle class now. We need tax relief for Americans – Palin agrees. But wait, what was the original question? Doesn’t seem to matter. She says Obama has voted to increase taxes – Biden’s right, he did NOT vote to raise taxes and McCain voted the exact same way. McCain voted 447 times to raise taxes. Called out – he’s starting to patronize here. Sharp but won’t even look at her. She’s on fire but ooops time is up.

Biden talking about fairness, he’s driving home the middle class right now, the “economic engine” of America. Palin – bringin up Main street again and on the defense. Details, details, details on health care – espousing republican values here – go against the state system, don’t pay your taxes? Biden needs to stay cool on this one. Starts on point one: redistribution, goes to the facts – 95% of business in America make less than $250,000, and on to health care – he too brings up the details…lots of numbers here, the audience seems to be lagging, he ends with a stinger “the ultimate bridge to nowhere” (think he read that NYTimes “Suspension Bridge to Nowhere” article last week.