In the spring of 2008 we resolved to keep this magazine an online-only gig. A webzine, if you will.

Here are our featured articles from this third installment:

Democratic Idols by Tarsi Dunlop

Work Hard, Play Hard, Enjoy Neither by Si Rutherford

Dining Hall Etiquette 101 by Tristan Axelrod

Hurt Feelings, Inflated Egos & General Nonsense by Ann Garcia

What is the Value of Diversity? by Mike Waters

Go Find Your Lolita by Logan Rutherford

Dangerous “Confessions” by Ceara Danaher

The State of Opinions in America by Mike Waters

Living in the Internship Era by Dan Roberts

Practice Rooms and Priorities by Tristan Axelrod


1 Response to “Issue 3”

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