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The Dating Game

Audrey Nelson


I hate to say it, but I think the art of romance is dead. Well, maybe not “dead,” but definitely suffering, and perhaps recently hospitalized. Middlebury College, with its intellectually and sexually charged population, has lost sight of what it means to date. I do not mean “dating” in the sense that you meet up at Tavern parties each weekend, or frequent the same panini station. No, dating consists of asking someone you like out to a separate location to get to know them better— to learn things about them beyond their class schedule, and to dive into the unknown realm of, “what is it, exactly, that makes this person tick?” Do not be afraid.

A date is not a commitment for life. To woo, to romance, to court… Heck, it doesn’t even have to be a commitment for the weekend, but it does encourage a healthy exchange between two people who may discover over dinner that their chemistry inspires a certain je ne sais quoi.

Both guys and girls have every right to do the asking. Everyone appreciates being asked out now and again; why shouldn’t we all take action? Has this academic context in which we live stifled and frustrated our libidos so much that we can’t handle a one-on-one lunch date situation? For goodness sake, turn that Proctor crush into a Bobcat Café date or a legitimate dating relationship. Dating… it means you go out on dates. Try it out.